Avalanche Decentralized Lending Rates for stablecoin

List of decentralized protocols and stablecoin pools on Avalanche blockchain, each with a Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding $1,000,000(the higher the TVL, the more trust in the protocol). These platforms allow you to earn interest on stablecoins(USDC,USDT,DAI) surpassing 3 Month Treasury Bill rate (US T-Bill 5.21% on Jul 18 2024). You can deposit and withdraw your stablecoins anytime, with no lockup or deposit limits. DEX only, no CEX, no KYC, Your Keys - Your Crypto. Note that the annual percentage yield in stablecoin pools can fluctuate frequently.

Best Stablecoin Yield: Lending/Staking/Liquidity Pools APY Rates on DexLender
21/07/2024 03:00:04

Protocol Name Blockchain Name ▼ TVL ↓ Stablecoin Reward APY ⓘ Average 30 days APY ↓ Current Base APY ↓